Akrosphäre Awesome Shows



The "Grazer Akrosphäre" is a collective of professional acrobats and aerial artists that delivers extra unusual shows to your event - customized and entertaining for all kinds of audiences. Select from one of our prepared shows or ask for a tailor made experience thats suits the needs of your specific location and schedule. Book some extra awesomeness for your event!

Our core disciplines are:
  • Duo partner acrobatics
  • Group partner acrobatics
  • Aerial acrobatics - hoop, trapez, aerial silks, etc.
  • Aerial duos (i.e. two artist on one silk)
  • Special effects (fire, LED, ...)

Others (juggling, hoola hoop, dance performances, etc.) can be arranged with our partners.

A selection of shows. Click on the titles for extra info and media.
A short encounter

A short encounter

8min, Duo
Simple and elegant
Classy awesomeness

The pillow act

The pillow act

7min, Aerial Silks Solo
Dreamy Silks Act

Blacklight Show

Blacklight Show

Ca. 5-15min, Group Act
Based on our well-known Identity Show
For really dark stages

Reise durchs Land der Elemente

Reise durchs Land der Elemente

30-40min, Group Act
Perfect for children, age 7 to 12
Made for school gyms

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

10min, group show
Sexy, emotional and fun
For clubs and parties

Exploring Identities

Exploring Identities

One hour, group show
A full evening acro, video- and light-effects
True art

You tell us your theme and ideas, we create out of what we have or from scratch - taylor-made shows for any kind of space and audience.


Talk to us about your ideas and visions, we customize our acts to the vibe of your event. If you don't have any specific ideas - no problem: We have done this a lot of times and our repertoire of show elements is abundant. You also have the choice of booking one of our prepared shows.
The prices for our shows are always up to negotiation and depend on a lot of factors. To give you a rough idea of where to start, here is a list of what we usually charge for our prepared shows at commercial events:

  • Single artist shows: Euro 600,-
  • Duo shows: 1200,-
  • Group shows (4 people): 2000,-
If we get the opportunity to build a show from scratch for your event we usually try to pay every artist 350,- per show plus 100,- to 150,- for every rehearsal they invest.


Selection of clients and shows

Con Takt
- Murinsel (MurKULTur)
- SoS-Kinderdorf
La Strada: CUBE (Grazer Oper)

Techniker Ball Graz
JKU-Ball Linz
Grazer Umweltzirkus

Umweltstaatspreis- im Mumuth (Kunst-Uni)
Akrosphäre: "Exploring Identities"
Slovenian Acro-Festival
Congress Award - Stadthalle Graz
Circus Movement Camp Tirol
Charma: "Straight outta Oz" in the Postgarage
Opening for Radisson International-Show in Berlin
Tuntenball in the Congress Graz
Faschings-Show NMS Ursulinen Graz

Theo-Gala Graz
CSD-Parade by the Rosalila Pantherinnen
Grazer Umweltzirkus
Circus Movement Camp Tirol

Theo-Gala Graz November
Akrosphäre: "Identity taken - a circus show"
Straßen.Kunst.Festival Wiener Neustadt
Grazer Umweltzirkus

Salonabend im Luftraum B
11-Jahres-Feier Spektral
Grazer Halloweenball (for Conny&Dado)
Bloody Wonderland (for SHAD performance)

Contact and booking info

  •   +43 650 9285576
  •   show [at] akrosphaere.at